We collaborate with all types of groups and volunteers, beauty editors, personal care and beauty manufacturers to fill our Hope Bags.  The bags contain all of the essential products needed when our women and girls escape from the misery of the streets or are rescued from other forms of sexual slavery.


Hope Bags are filled by generous volunteers and distributed through organizations that provide long-term housing and recovery to women and girls that are victims of human trafficking. Each young woman or girl finds a lovely bag on her bed filled with personal care items, a book of inspiration and a handwritten note of encouragement from the woman (or man) who volunteered to fill her personal bag.


Hope Bags are distributed throughout the country where the need is greatest.  We distribute the bags through several non-profit organizations based on specific criteria and guidelines.  Organizations and safe houses requesting bags must be registered and accredited as non-profit facilities that house and provide recovery and re-entry services for at least 12 months.  Girls Are Not For Sale (GEMS), A Home For Dawn, The Vast Organization, The Salvation Army, and The Well are a few of the organizations that we work closely with to provide assistance and support.